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  2. Power loss

    Right oil changed and filter swapped oil pressre plugs round no more beeping or light for oil pressure!! Disconnected maf while car was running and it ran way better. A phone to stealer and pick one up tomorrow so after 7 months my VR should be back on the road! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the help as always sites like this are a life line! So cheers everyone!
  3. Power loss

    Can the ecu go in to a safe mode? i have noticed oil pressure light flashing as i think i've connected the sensors back up wrong although oil is gray but not loosing coolant and oil level not rising but will flush it but does sound tappety from top end although this was just rebuilt. Just trying to work out methodicaly?
  4. Power loss

    Thanks. Have a new set of ht leads will give them a try fingers crossed!!
  5. Hi Another day and another new problem! Car idles although is quite juddery but when revved tons of smoke comes out black from the exhaust but its clear on idle? There is no power to it. I have just done head gasket and had head rebuilt. I also replaced coil pack and ht leads and noticed one ht lead is knackered can see it earthing on the head. Apart from crap ht leads i cant think of anything else that would make it loose power? I replaced all gaskets and o rings and while engine was out converted it to manual. I have been rebuilding it for some time and everytime i think its done something else goes wrong. Could it just be a bad set of HT leads? All advice welcome Thanks in advance Brian
  6. its a brand new auxiliary water pump, could be air lock but it might be my timing chain making the noise? Is the tensioner bolt on the chain ment to be able to be moved when pulled out?
  7. Thermostat is workin as radiator got hot. IS there anything behind coil pack that could make a weird noise as it is from here the noise is coming. The chain was silent before i did head gasket. it doesn't sound like a chain type noise?
  8. Ye compression was excellent, oil cooler change and now on to a new problem!!! Coolant is boiling like a kettle and pressure builds right up also noise coming from water pump area so think thats my next change.
  9. Will order a new one today and try it
  10. ye it is mixing as soon as it is started, i have just done head gasket and everything is torqued proper. Had a fresh fill of oil before i started it and after 10 mins oil dip stick was dry and coolant system was pressurised and a clear mix of oil and water.
  11. I have a strange problem with my 96 vr6 golf. The oil is mixing with coolant but no coolant is finding its way into the engine? I ran a compression test which had all cylinders holding same compression, the head has been skimmed and has a brand new head gasket. It was only on for about 10 mins and all the oil had gone into the coolant. Could this be to do with the oil cooler? Or what else could cause this? Thanks BRian
  12. I have a 1996 vr6 have had engine out and converted from auto to manual. Problem is when i turn the ignition key the auxillary water pump is making a strange noise is this usuall? Plus where do i jump the auto connector to make it think its in nuetral? cheers
  13. I everyone hope someone can help. I have a 1996 VR6 5 door which i have been restoring after it lay for a year. Problem is i have just fitted a JOM Suspension kit which was suposed to be 50mm lower at the front and 30mm at the rear. Problem is it is rubbing on arches and rear suspension lower plates. I have 16" alloys wrapped in 205 55 16 tyres to be honest i dont think these are the standard alloys? I have fitted a 9.5mm spacer on rears to avoid it contacting bottom suspension plates but not sure if i can keep 16s as the tyres disappear into arch its that low!!! Has anyone put this kit on there vr and what offset and tyre size are used or recommended? Any help greatly appreciated Brian
  14. Auto to Manual?

    fairly straght forward only annoying thing is the snap bolts.. but only take 2 mins to drill out. engine is almost ready to go back in just waiting on 6 branch, have had head fully ported and polished. And inlet is almost finished to. so can move onto suspension next.
  15. Auto to Manual?

    Thanks for info, have sourced all i need so will have it next weekend then just need to get it all back in