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  1. Nice to know someone carried the torch for what was a very good car. Life overtook me and I found myself with a lower compression car and a part turbo conversion sat in the garage with no time to spare.

    The decision to sell wasn't easy but felt like a weight of responsibility lifted when I did.

    If she is up and running it would be amazing to see if it is still being lovingly cared for.

  2. Steering angle sensor, I had that issue, I ended up using VCDS to re calibrate it, I then got an ABS warning light, I had to sit in a large car park, press the foot brake firmly down until the ABS light started to flash, once flashing drive the car under 15 mph whilst steering from lock to lock, after a few turns the light went off and everything was set.


     Injectors, I have got 630cc or 60lb depending in where you live

    I've got 630's in mine and they needed settings changed.

  3. well it was converted a few years ago i think and has had a hard life lol im not 100% on everything but its running a GT30 turbo has uprated injectors (not sure which) Apexi SAFC2 external wastegate with a screamer pipe i think and uprated clutch

    Its has a second hand engine fitted recently (not 100% why) but this is a standard engine so im looking to sort a head spacer as sure its not good running without it its running the standard map still so looking to get it remapped and its been setup using the SAFC2 but think someone has messed that all up as its not quick and dont like boosting in the lower gears

    im used to cars that are made turbo'd and then doing them up so buying one thats had a turbo stick on and not really been setup for it is new to me lol

    Do you know what size injectors you are running as you are more likely than not over fueling which will cause bore wash and premature engine failure. Also running high compression will give adverse affects.

  4. Where you been hiding Bungy :P

    does the R3.6 one have any advantages over the standard coil though? Like a resistance to cracking would be good lol


    Not sure about the exacts but I was told they are better and this set that I have was a replacement after one of mine failed and tried to catch fire. I pulled up at a roundabout and caught a glimpse of smoke from the bonnet. I jumped out and managed to catch it before it did any damage.

  5. I had an incident on the M6. Another driver who clearly didn't know how to use indicators and mirrors pulled out and across lanes towards me whilst I was overtaking. Our mirrors actually overlapped. One of my passengers phoned the police due to their erratic driving and was informed ours wasn't the first complaint for that vehicle. Some people's motorway driving is shocking.

  6. I always get my blasting done by someone else. The metal particles are more aggressive and erode the surface loosing some detail. You can blast with crushed walnut or coconut shells but not sure where you would get it from or if you can use the same equipment.