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  1. fuel system/pump all working correct etc..was getting a ticking noise from number 11 relay which is the horn.Now im thinking has the immobiliser be erased correct as maybe this is the reason it just turns over and the ticking is in theory the alarm going of just without the sound of the horn??Local garage is going to plug it in tomorrow to see if the reader picks up the ecu and to see if the key and ecu match (so im told).

  2. I had the immobiliser erased from my ecu on my 95 vr6 so i plugged it back in and left it sat on the scuttle to see if it started before i put it all back together.It started fine so i bolted it back to the body and put the scuttle panel back on.I got back in the car and it wouldnt start just turns over.I then took it back of the body and it started fine but i did notice i have a ticking noise from under the steering wheel where the fuses and relays are.So basically it does not start when the ecu is bolted to the body (where it should be) but it does start when it is just led in the scuttle area.Anyone know whats going on? :unsure:  :unsure:

  3. Hi folks,

    Looking to know if anybody on here has found a particularly helpful VAG garage on the south coast to have a bit of work done.

    Ideal location would be near Bournemouth/Southampton but if anyone has any real 'glowing' feedback or praise due for somebody perhaps a little further then I'm all ears!

    Many thanks!

    I gave the Phirm a call today as they are local-ish (i live in southampton) about my immobiliser and they were happy to discuss and explain.

  4. Hi guys,i went to start my car tonight and it fired but then cut out.It did this a few times so I got my (cheap ebay) vag code reader out and it came back with the code 17978 which I have read is something to do with the immobiliser.Can anyone shed any light on this and how it is sorted.I had another go at starting it 30 minutes later and it started fine.

  5. hi guys,im in a postion where I can not afford to turbo my vr6 in one hit but keep seeing various turbo parts for sale.Is there a list of parts needed to go vrt as im not that advanced when it comes to engines.I just wanted to gather up the parts needed and have it fitted so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be good.

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