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  2. obd1 distributer to obd2 coilpack

    hi well i have built the engine currently its still out the car as its getting stripped for paint so am none the wiser if it all works yet lad
  3. heading says it all, i am changing from a obd1 to a obd2 wiring loom and stuff for turbo reasons and my engine is a distributer cap and needs to be changed to a coilpack for it to run, can any of you petrol heads tell me how and what is needed for this thanking you for your help
  4. i am in talks with them at the mo thats why need these parts so far sourced all the loom and stuff tonight but now cant find a obd2 polished intake manifold.
  5. hi i am new to this stuff, i am turboeing my 1994mk3 golf one day ill post a pic or two to show you all what a mess i am making, but the now the engine is out getting rebuilt ready for the turbo to kick out 350 bhp - hopefully!!! i am lookin for a obd2 full engine bay wiring loom, engine loom, ecu and throttle body all have to b obd2. if any one can help get in touch or call me on 07708553424 thanks