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  1. Nerve_Net

  2. South East Meet - Saturday 5th June?? :)

    Count me in, will have to try and be there a bit earlier this time though
  3. South East Meet - Saturday 8th May :)

    Was really great meeting all of you yesterday Definitely have to make it a regular thing
  4. Oops!! Cheers NAt I'd missed that bit Must admit they look damn fine
  5. Can I be really cheeky and ask roughly how much you paid for the wheel refurb
  6. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Gave her a quick wash, get rid of the lava dust...lol
  7. South East Meet - Saturday 8th May :)

    Yes please Nat, just won't be able to stick around very long though
  8. South East Meet - Saturday 8th May :)

    So tempting to come along and meet all of you!! Just got to keep and eye on the clock as I'll be working that evening
  9. Hesitation/ possible misfire

    I was having similar symptoms after I had laid the car up for six months, I was racking my brains to sort out the problem, then my mate suggested something really easy and it has cured misfire , holding back, uneven tick over. His suggestion was to disconnect ECU clean the plug and socket and plug back in... Sorted!! :-d
  10. Steering Wheels

    Thanks for the input guys Been looking at this thread on another forum and I think this might be worth a try but was wondering just how difficult the mod is to do? http://www.cabrio-info.com/wiki/How_to_Modify_a_Mk4_Steering_Wheel_to_Fit_a_Mk3 Any input is always greatly appreciated (
  11. Steering Wheels

    Hello all, hope some of you may be able to help me? My leather steering is a bit worse for wear and I really want to replace it with something a little more aesthetically appealing, having read through a few threads it seems that the mk3.5 wheel is along the lines of what I'm looking for (needle in haystack). The other half put her foot down and told me that we must keep with an airbag :-( Is there any other wheel in VW's line up that would be suitable?
  12. Help, I also need to do this job and any insight would be helpful, but I may be being a bit daft but the link to the guide seems to be dead...