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  1. Aggostoke

  2. gearbox and 6 branch.,,

    how much is it going to set me back?
  3. gearbox and 6 branch.,,

    any ideas mate...? think its the syncro thas shagged on it
  4. gearbox and 6 branch.,,

    sound lads nice 1....wha about the performance? worth £150..?
  5. gearbox and 6 branch.,,

    sound mate, how much we talkin about the re-build tho lol....an u no anythin about those 6 branches..?
  6. gearbox and 6 branch.,,

    hi people im after a 6 branch and iv seen loads on ebay for the £200 mark i was just woundering if they are any good/performance wise... also 3rd gear is crunching every time i change into it unless i change quickly...is it a new gearbox il need?? cheers
  7. 6 branch !

    nothing to worry about mate, mine did exactly the same thing on my corsa redtop when i did it.
  8. hi my vr6 has just started to smoke/over fuel in the morning and when i havent started it up for a while (when cold) but when its warmed up its fine...?? it can hardly keep its idle when 1st started too.... if any1 could help me id appreciate it... thanks Mark
  9. gear linkages....

    thanks mate id appreciate that
  10. gear linkages....

    im a complete novis mate sorry... havent got a clue lol
  11. hi i have just broke my linkages... i have a short shifter on it and now it is stuck in 3rd gear, the gear stick has now come free... could someone please help me regarding if it is the linkages or something else...and wha i would need? much appreciated Mark