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  2. ABS ECU?

    Thanks...It's been ages since the last post and I've had trouble with my VAG-COM. Anyway got that sorted and I'm pretty convinced that the problem is the ECU and the problem is getting worse so I'm trying to get hold of another unit. The part number on my buggered pump is 1h2 614 217 c not 3a0 879 379 E so I hope the right ones been fitted to start off with.
  3. ABS ECU?

    Thanks mate I'll have a look to see if I can find the ECU. Where abouts under the passenger footwell? I had a quick look at lunch but couldn't see anything obvious. I'll prob have a go at the ECU before the pump as that looks like a grarge job to me or isn't it too bad?
  4. ABS ECU?

    Hi My ABS light intermittently comes on (but it's more on than off) and has done since I got the car. According to VAG-COM it was a dodgy right rear sensor failure, so I changed that and cleared the fault but the light still comes on often. Having looked at other posts it looks like it could actually be the ABS ECU that's the problem, as this can show it's self as a right rear sensor failure and it can be a common problem.....Also drving to work today - just driving along not breaking or anything - it sounded like the ABS was kicking in the noise stopped when I tapped the breakes. So I'm now really thinking that it probably is the ABS ECU and with the MOT coming up I want to get it sorted. The car has done about 95000 miles. SO....3 questions - am I right, is it likely to be the ABS ECU? and if so where is it and how easy is it to replace??Thanks!
  5. Starting/Imobiliser issues

    Thanks for the replys dudes. I got an auto electrician out to it in the end as I didn't have any jump leads long enough to try and diagnose the problem any more. The good news is that he got it to start and it's not the imobliser or battery or alternator or starter. But he eventually traced the problem to a knakered ignition switch. He says I need a new barrel and to get the key recoded. Anyone had to do this before? What sort of a job is it to get it done. I'll deffinatly get someone else to do it but is it gonna cost an arm and a leg? Thanks
  6. Can anyone suggest anything...? Picked up my new VR6 the other day and it's all been fine until today (two days of trouble free motoring!). Now it won't start. I'm not sure if its the imobilisor that's stuck armed. I'm not sure what it is, it came with a manual for a Serpi Star ND 14 though but it's written in the worst translation to english I've ever seen and I'm not conviced the manual matches what's fitted. I can get all the lights on the dash to light up when I turn the key so the ignition appers to be working when I but that's all that happens. I get no noises from the starter or anything. The only noise is a quiet buzzing type sound that seems to come from somewhere on the top of the engine but I can't work out what it is. I've seen other threads on here with simlar problems and they seemed to be related to earths or connectos to the starter. I've check these and they seem ok. Can anyone help???