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  2. My air con doesn't work - before I get it re-gassed, is there any way I can check the pump / compressor first so that I can be sure that a re-gas is all that is needed? Mark
  3. Heater Matrix VR6 Highline

    I've just checked coolant header tank and its now full of oily sludge! I'm pretty sure that this happened at same time as leaking in passenger footwell as I've not noticed it before. Coolant temp and oil temp are staying fine and no smoke - am I right in thinking its more likely the oil cooler than head gasket? I've had a look at oil cooler and there is oil around it - I've taken a pic: http://i690.photobucket.com/albums/vv268/chappers02/IMGP1764.jpg Can anyone help?!
  4. Heater Matrix VR6 Highline

    I changed the pollen filter a couple of weeks ago, so that should be ok. I checked in my manual and the only advice it gives about heater matrix on air con cars is that by changing heater matrix it will open air con refrigerated circuit so specialist advice should be sought. Does this mean that I will have to get the air con re-gassed (not a problem as it doesn't get cold at the moment anyway!) or is there something else that I need to do too?
  5. Hi, I have water / coolant in my passenger footwell and windscreen steams up when fan is switched on, so think I need to replace heater matrix. I've read the posts but none of them mention if anything different needs to be done when replacing heater matrix on cars with air con - can anyone help?