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  1. might be worth bridging the fuel pump relay too, I have had issues in the past with relays priming on cranking but not giving 12v on normal ignition,
  2. I tried this once to a ford cvh and tbh it just made the top end noisey, the problem is any surface this stuff comes into contact with, bearing shells, cam lobes, the crank, followers etc will get scored too
  3. The reason I'm doing this is because, 1. it's basically refreshing the whole engine so really it should be good for many many years of good motoring 2. next year I'm looking to turbo it, So most of the ground work will be done Some low comp pistons or a decomp plate and it's all good
  4. alternativly there are a couple of builders on XRtwo.com and Gary Worthing made my last V3 MS and mapped it too http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=4965529357 he has a 400 bhp fiesta lol
  5. Mine knows nothing else but thrashing lol, It's the rings, I tried the oil change to 15/50 and running vw spec oil, no differance, bottom end wise I'm expecting to do the rings, balance the crank, flywheel and clutch, new shells and seals, oil pump and pick up, timing chains and tensioners, that should cure all lol
  6. Unfortuanatly VR6 engine can have a problem with the old pump on the higher milage car's, basically Cylinder 5 at the back becomes partailly starved of oil and the rings wear, causing smoke on overrun My mate works for VW and they say it's fairly common,
  7. Mine does this too and I'm sure it's the rings,
  8. cool thanks mate, I'm still not sure what car I have, I think it's a 1800 gti 8v, but its been modified before and it came with no engine or box and most of the engine loom in the boot, It's on a G plate if that's any help, I did find a std mk2 air box and MAF in there too, also came with the car not fitted a corrado pedal box and a new hydraulic slave cylinder, and a G60 gearbox so i'm sure that they were looking at the 1.8t conversion, Thanks Matt
  9. Hi All Right when I change the engine/running gear over what would be best to use the whole mk3 vr6 loom or can it plug into the mk2 loom somewhere, I have a feeling in the long run the whole loom could be easier? Cheers Matt
  10. yep I can remember someone saying 4 bar and thinking it was alot lol, my Skyline only runs 3.2 bar but it does have 740cc injectors
  11. cool answered some off my questions too , Cheers Matt
  12. ahh No that's cool, The reason for the question is I'm going to buy new bushes for the mk2 but only 2 part numbers are different between the mk2 and mk3 and they are both the subframe mounting bushes on the rear and the fronts dont have the rear mounting bush on the mk2 but do have them on the mk3 So basically i drop the mk3 gear, change the bushes and chuck it on the mk2 Ideal Thankyou Matt
  13. Right I have been looking into this now and I have a few questions, I will be Changing the whole rear ends over for the wider mk3 track, the rear subframe mount bushes are different on the mk2 and mk3 , which would be used the mk2 or mk3 or will both fit? also the front ends have subtle differances on the wish bones basically the mk2 does not have rear mount bushes but the mk3 does, do I use the mk2 wish bones and just bolt the mk3 hubs and brakes etc to them or will the whole mk3 subframe still bolt up in the same place, TBH I have both cars but the mk2 has no engine in place and the mk3 i
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