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  2. 2,9 VR6 fuelpump failure.

    Hi there. I own a 1978 Golf Mk 1, with a complete 2,9 Corrado engine conversion. I am having problems with my fuelpump. It is making weird high pitched sounds, when the engine is running idle. It sounds like it spins, but not when running the wheels, only when idle. The engine won´t pull quite as it has previously. It spits, and chokes when I floor it. What can be the problem ? Is a new pump required ? I recently swapped a fueltube on the pump, since it was riddled with holes, but could I have damaged the pump somehow ? Hope to hear some good insights ;.) Regards Daniel Andrew Lowe
  3. VR6 Oilsump change

    Hi.. I own a 1978 Golf Mk.1 and this has a Corrado VR6 2.9litre engine installed. Everything works perfect, and the car runs very smooth. My problem is this. Since the engine compartment in the Mk.1 is quite low, the oil sump sits down very far. I have a complete coilover suspension on the car, but since the sump sits so low, it is very difficult to get around places, without it scratching the tarmac. The car is not even lowered very much. I have heard, that you can mount a US style sump on the car, and this lets the sump sit higher and closer to the engine, but the pump has to be changed. Can anyone confirm this theory ? Thank you Daniel Andrew Lowe Denmark