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  2. hi folks, im just finishin puttin together my vr turbo conversion and i've been tryin to decide what to do about the managment and software? and was wondering what you guys are runnin with? the spec of the car so far is - 1997 OBD 2 VR fully rebuilt with port&polished head/lower inlet & t/body Garrettt GT series BB turbo, .82 hot side and A/R .70 cold side with external gate, bosch 440 cc/42lb greens, 4" MAF housing, Bosch 044 f/pump, FMIC, SRI, 3" exhaust system and 3mm headspacer 8.5:1 c/r. My ECU part number is 021 906 256. any comments or info would be much appreciated. regards, Rob.