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  1. That would be my mrs old car!! loved it. (l) One of the very first proper ones.. built 9yrs ago by blaupunkt as a demo car for thier new range of seethru speakers with coloured lights behind. full leather/alcantara interior, lightened body, full engine tune, polybushed and lowered.. great car that was. Lives near burnley now.. :-(
  2. i did aaaaaaaaaages ago.. not massively informative, or anywhere near a 'scene' build.. clicky
  3. lol.. it's a little patchy from having a slight air leak on the gun, but still, for my first go at it, it's come out ok i think.
  4. lukey.. it's white primer, 02C subaru blue, with blue pearl metalflake in the laquer...nice innit..;-)
  5. lol.. I borrowed a marquee off a mate and did it over the weekend..HAd heaters and lights and extraction in there.. just like a proper spray booth. lum: it's been a vr6 for over 2yrs..likin ur build btw :-) some pics of the progress... tony
  6. Have some new wheels to go on, and the car still needs a polish.. but u get the idea.. comments, critique welcomed.
  7. u need to drop an allen key in the top of middle of the top not and undo the nut with an open ended swan neck spanner if u have no access to an air gun... or a set of mole grips on the shock arm(bright siler 8mm thick) in the wheel arch. tony
  8. took me about 6hrs to do this one.. my first try.. but the second one took half that because if what u learnt on the first.. start with 400grit... then 600,800,1200,2000,2500 then polish.. a chore but worth it. tony
  9. i used a polishing kit off ebay and a drill sanding pad with various grade sanding discs. tony
  10. Think i did quite a good job for my first go.. got a bit of a 'haze' on the shine though.. not a true mirror finish yet. ;-) tony
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