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    I'm now very confused *-)
  3. WILL IT FIT! - Was ----- Replaced 02a G/box where next?

    Well a lots happened since I made this post. First the current box is basically goosed, selector mech sloppy when in gear etc. I've found a low mileage 1995 VR6 Passat with only 55k on the clock, having driven the car I know the gear change is sweat! Now looking at the box it 'looks' like an 02a but with one obvious difference to the box in my car, that being the balance weight on the selector tower. Unlike the current (and old for that matter) box which has a weight the shape of an upturned 'Golf Club' this has a low profile 'block of cheese' afair. Other than that it looks the same to my untrained eye. Before I splash out on the car can anyone confirm if this box will be ok? This also begs the question, what is a 95 ODB1 VR6 motor with only 55k on it worth?
  4. Sloppy Gear Selector

    Hi, Similar problem here. Using the 'balance weight' if I select 3rd with the gearbox securely in gear I can rotate the weight and elector mech back and forth maybe 30 degree's without pulling the box out of gear. So given this it looks like something in the box selector is worn. Is this fixable or are we talking a full box recon?
  5. Hi Folks, Bit of a long story but I've just replaced the faulty (no 1st) 02a g/box in my vr6 with a nice 60k ish 2nd hand box. Ok so now I have all six gears whoopeee but........ the gear change is now a bit sloppy. We've moved the tower (balance weight etc) over from the old g/box and thats improved matters but it's still not great. When in gear there is a fair amount of forward/backward movement of the g/stick but no 'side to side' wobble to speak off. The other thing thats now happening, possibly related is that 'occasionally' it won't let me get into 5th, giving a heart wrenching grinding of gears. Some advice on where to look to solve the problem would be much appreciated. Tar
  6. I can confirm there are indeed two different racks. I've just had a new rack fitted to my late 96 VR6 and the garage who did the job had to go to the local VW stealer with the VIN to confirm the correct part code as they said there was no other guaranteed way to know which one was fitted. Couldn't tell you the difference between them though.
  7. Knocking after strut change

    FIXED IT! Thanks for the responses. I'm not entirely sure what fixed it, I stripped and re-built the drivers side strutt. Re-torqued everything up as before and hey presto no knocking!
  8. Knocking after strut change

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I managed to strip and rebuild the passenger side strut today, still knocking :-( . Everything looked ok so I guess no surprises, whilst the wheel was off I had a good tug at the driveshaft/rollbar/whishbone nothing struck me as loose. Going to try to do the drivers side tomorrow, assuming the rain stops for long enough!
  9. Knocking after strut change

    Hi thanks for the reply, yes top rubbers and bearings where replaced, I only reused the top plate. Tomorrow I'm going to strip each side down again and rebuild each strut just to make 100% sure everything is aligned.
  10. Hi Folks, As ever bit of advice needed. I've just changed the front two shocks/struts on my 96 vr6. The usual top nut woa's but nothing too untoward. Ok so she's all back together, bottom bolts torqued up nicely, camber alignment measures as before etc everything looks good. Now I take her for a 10mile test drive, for the first five miles everything is perfect, I'm impressed with how the Blistein gas shock improve the ride. However after about five miles I notice a 'clonking' sort of sound like I've left a spanner on the front valance but its coming from the front suspension. After experimenting I find that if drop her into neutral and cost along (clutch up or down) I get the clonking however if I accelerate the noise disappears, it also disappears if I brake. I've checked the struts bolts, all ok. Top two nuts, spring plate and top plate all ok. There is no play in the road wheels or in the coil/strut assemblies. The top mount rubbers and bearings where also replaced so don't suspect a bearing has collapsed, or has it? Suggestions as to where I should look next please, CV joint? Drive shaft? G/Box? I'm now a bit stumped. embarassed Thanks again. P.S. Gearbox is pretty much fooked anyway, no 1st gear and am waiting for a mate to fit another for me. Is it too much to hope that this is just a coincidence happening at the same time I change the shocks?
  11. New users VR6

    Not exactly true, some begger made off with my stereo in the middle of the day from the back of Athol street! (Manx thing) Nice car though, if you want to have a play with a Supercharged VR6 let me know and I'll ask my mate to take you for a run in his, assuming it's working :-p