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  1. I second that was an awesome day! Good day had by all who made it, club was well represented so thanks everyone.... Here is a link to some more photos just added to the gallery, I have a few more but it isn't playing ball Cheers
  2. A few club shots form VWNW at Tatton Park in Chester 2016
  3. One day left people! So who's cleaning today lol?
  4. Hi and welcome to the club. Awesome buy that for a hundred notes well done. The triangle with the circle is meant to be there. Its a warning to say traction control is off. By pressing the button you are turning it off. Get the car on VAG com if you can, come and see us at tatton or Leeds and I will scan it for you. Could be various things causing the engine fans not to kick in to be honest and oil leek is more than likely just a small seal gone.
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