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  1. I probably spend about 6 - 8 hours on the weekend. I also have a wife and kids who keep me busy but they love the golfs as much as me and the kids do join in at the initial wash. When it comes to polish and clay its daddy's alone time with the car. ha
  2. Not wanting to make anyone sound daft here........... But first check .......... Fuses has that been done? ??
  3. Pretty tidy guides lads....... The link with pics is good I might even have a go at this one myself.... Cheers people.
  4. 92.9 in Oswestry and spend £50 in store and get 5p a litre off
  5. No need to apologise ill be looking to buy a couple of t shirts from the club. Also doing my best to talk my two pals into maken the jump from there mk11 gti's to the VR6 life as Im leaving them way behind these days. Sorry any chance someone couple post a link to the page I can buy more stickers and merchandise? cheers
  6. Listen I was well pleased for the opportunity but I just wouldnt feel confident enough in her just yet im well up for future shows when this project is complete. But thanks again for the offer I feel a bit shit now but im sure you will fill the places, saw some of the teams rides on youtube well impressed.
  7. Ive just baught this mk3 vr6 and recently sold the mk2 I will attend the meet no problems but dont feel confident enough in the mk3 to disploay her as yet. But I will definately be there in support of the club.
  8. Just upgraded from my MKII GTI to my MKIII VR6. I giant leap for me my family cried when the mkII went. But without a dub doubt it would have to be a MK 4 R32
  9. I would definately be interested around Birmingham Telford sort of way.
  10. Will get her on the ramps and ave a look. Thanks again for the posts fellas.
  11. Alrite trying to post an Avatar, I go to My Setting, then Settings and there is no option to upload one at all. just constantly says this uses has no active avatar. Thanx for the help folks
  12. As I said before I have a K reg VR6 with a full scorpion system with a single slencer on it. Sounds pretty awesome when flooring it, but if I ave my Mrs and Kids in the car and am cruising it would nearly blow your ear drums. Any sugestions I dont really want to change the sysytem as its only 8 months old. Cheers
  13. New to the oc, but only 50 mile from Telford so wouldnt miss this for the world.
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