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  1. Is there more now mate? Better clean the bloody car hahaha
  2. Pass arrived safe and sound fella! Let's hope I can do the same at the show [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. That is how VW describe it mate. What more can I say.
  4. It's cool we have a whistler kettle and my BBQ has a gas ring on it [emoji106]? as well as a flat plate for doing eggs. [emoji51][emoji51]
  5. I am into this atm. My teenager daughter has me brainwashed with this mob!
  6. Think there is one space left. You can book online. Better if you could make two days but if not it's cool [emoji106]?
  7. Could all those who placed in this confirm their weekend tickets have been booked please??
  8. Oh and moved the thread across to members rides section! Seems it could evolve into a diary this one! Keep up the good work. I am partial to a dragon green VR with cream leather.....
  9. Yokie Spec 2's! Best rubber out there in my opinion! What did you use to clean your leather up?
  10. Right folks only two places left and a couple of reserve spots! Who's gonna make the decision and join us? Lets fill this 15 car large stand!!!!
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