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  1. Hello from ayrshire

    Yes we had a few issues with the app! Look forward to seeing the progression bud.
  2. Just a few pics of the new car in her new surroundings ................................. Thanks to DubstersVR6 ........... Well everytime I look at it get a little bit more impressed with the purchase.
  3. Wow last post July 2016! it really has been 2 years! Car is in Bits! the engine I built is fubard! Full of dust, so time to get it built back up!
  4. So as this one has stayed in my life for longer than 12 months I have decided to do a little diary or thread to keep track of what's been done and what will be done going forward. I bought her back in 2012 from a fellow member. Pretty standard apart from the Vento front end. I must admit I wasn't a massive fan until I owned one and it seriously grew on me, also R32 312mm brake set up and mk4 alloy rear calipers and custom exhaust. Braided hoses & fuel lines. She had 78K on the clock when I picked her up and bags of history. Every penny accounted for. Rob is pretty particular about such things, plus no expense was spared. How she was: I wasn't really in the market for the car but with knowing its history and Rob being a customer of ours for so long. Plus the price he offered me it I couldn't refuse her. Given this it was pretty much unused for a long time. Next thing for me was a decent detail and after replacing the indicators on two occasions they still kept taking on water. So I replaced those with some smoked ones. Broke out the 2 stage polish and tape and gave her a good correcting. Ignore the bra.... Did more damage than good
  5. The new Green Dragon

    I love a dragon green VR. Miss this one sooooo much lol should never have sold it! Thats a very tidy specimen you have there well detailed to!
  6. The new Green Dragon

    Wow old thread! I miss this car Soooooo much would buy it back in a heart beat!
  7. There is a new gallery of images available to view from the weekend. Enjoy!
  8. Was great to attend this show again! No club stand this year but we will be looking to amend this in 2019. Here is a few taster pictures album to be added to gallery soon just having technical issues. This is a one stop event over 3 days with something for everyone. From gentlemen's grooming to freestyle BMX specialists, swanky split screen cocktail bars to family entertainment in the event tents! Without a shadow of a doubt the best event on the calender, if you only attend one show next year I suggest you make it Leeds. https://www.vwfestival.co.uk/
  9. Leeds VW Festival 10-12th August 2018

    Just a few images of the best show of the year. No club presence this year but we will put that right in 2019! Camping is great and its a bargain for the weekend with plenty to do and lots for everyone and every member of the family!