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  1. I used to have a saloon with 53k on the clock, just the standard model not an excusiv ... sold it almost 4 years ago & it's not about antmore according to DVLA wish I'd never sold it
  2. I've got some Highline door cards to fit to my VR6 I thought the wiring for the "puddle" lights would be part of the "normal" VR6 door loom, but it's not Is there something I can wire them to in the door or do I need door looms from a Highline?
  3. I'd like a place can only do Sunday though, I have to work Saturday mornings
  4. extremeautoaccessories.co.uk let me down on these I'm afraid The couple of times I managed to get hold of someone that had a clue what I had ordered I got the line "I'll have to ring you back" No-one's there has ever rang me back They don't respond AT ALL to emails Rang them yesterday (over a month after I ordered the ducts) & they said "We can't get them anymore & will have to refund you"
  5. Probably this car ... they don't put the full vin on Copart & the vid shows the vin near the end 1FAFP90596Y on Copart 1FAFP90S96Y400473 on the vid
  6. If I was driving a non VW it would be a Clio 16v or a Williams 1........ had a 16v for a couple of months, then got a mk2 Golf 16v...... liked the the Clio more than the Golf :-# Done that......... never again £1500 on the car........ £3000 on parts......... about 1300 miles while I owned it spent most of the time on the drive waiting for parts & leaking oil everywhere
  7. paulshears

    vr6 polo???

    in the Golf mag a few years back there was a picture from a German show of a mk3 Polo with a VR6 in the front so it's possible, but i'd think the sump would be very close to the ground plus the front suspension on mk3 Polo's (& mk1 & mk2) is rubbish would be a LOT of work ...... mk4 Polo (6N) would be far easier a diesel could be a good starting point.... they have "big block" engines were as the petrol car's use "small block" engines that can trace their history back to the Audi 50's 900cc engine mk4 Polo saloon would be even better....... they use the same front end as the Caddy van
  8. i'll be putting this up FOR SALE in early to mid March reason is....... too many car's mk1 Golf Driver goes on the road in March........ Gold mk1 Golf trackday car needs to be done....... & i've also got an other project car that will be quicker than the VR (top secret at the mo, will appear mid March) not sure what price the VR will be yet....... will still be pretty cheap paint & dents on the drivers side doors will be done...... so will passenger side wing may even paint the bonnet & spare tailgate .... if anyone wants it "as is" or without the Hella twins/Red rears i'll do it c
  9. mine does that i've put it down to been a £300 banger lol
  10. had a look into what my new wheels are there not ATS DTM.... there ATS DTC Competition wheels & the should weigh 5.8kg each [] not bad for £67 off eBay []
  11. got the bits needed for the brake upgrade sorted Red Dot grooved/dimpled front disc's, EBC Redstuff pads & Goodridge flexi's .... found a good sized Pipercross cone filter to fit .... alarm/immobiliser messed up all ripped out now & separate alarm & immobiliser fitted .... got some more wheels coming....... ATS DTM there called, may paint them black
  12. i wonder if the 1350bhp Veyron be quickest round TG track
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