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  2. Facebook Help

    Hey guys, I'm going for a job with SFS hoses to be a regional organiser for the North London region, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could vote for me by writing my name on this picture. Potential discounts if I get the job! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151233687473062&set=a.10151233687383062.457095.79927063061&type=3&theater Cheers! All you have to do is write "Tom Hogarth" You need to like the SFS page as well for it to count
  3. Can you swap the corrado engine into a golf

    What Tony said, I've done it to my VR, HUGE difference!!
  4. Leather Seats

    Go straight in, And will have to come out for EVERY mot and also you'll have a ballache getting people in the back.
  5. Pictures of rear lights

    why thanks' date=' i am very proud of my neat little rear... [/quote'] It just convinced me that all blacks won't work on my dragon green...
  6. Pictures of rear lights

    I'm selling my all blacks if anybody is interested??
  7. Pictures of rear lights

    There alot darker than the pic shows. Look awesome. Standard but not, If you follow?? lol
  8. Pictures of rear lights

    Hella black magic vs STD rear light.
  9. Pictures of rear lights

    Just uploading you a pic...
  10. How long would it last!

    How long before.... It overheats. Blows up. Gets bored and turns off?? Scary questions when drunk....
  11. Schrick Problems

    I'm gonna say split induction pipe
  12. Air freshener

    Jelly Bean Cherry. AWESOME!!
  13. My water pump failed, Shot coolant out everywhere and then to top it all off it's taken out the V Belt too by throwing out the water pump pulley!!! Bloody Volkswagens!
  14. http://www.allcorsa.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/my-mother-just-34770.html?s=2904e6c453ae6b867852d697727432b5&