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  2. Black or maybe Blue Smoke

    I live in Oxford - work in Bracknell, can anyone recommend a garage that is familiar with diagnosis and changing the valve stem oil seals, and is reasonably priced. Many thanks Simon
  3. Black or maybe Blue Smoke

    Valve stem oil seals how easy are they to replace - anyone care to estimate? also is there any harm done, booting it in the meantime? thanks simon
  4. Black or maybe Blue Smoke

    Hi Sanky I have exactly the same problem / feature, did you ever get to the bottom of it? Thanks Simon
  5. Girl in need of help

    unless your into trackdays - why go with the coilovers - they are impossible to setup unless you are tidy on suspension setup, each change in height requires a corresponding change to camber/tracking. I was advised by a motorsport racer to use a standard shock with lowered springs. and standard bushes not poly or the ride would be horrid on the road. In the end I went with an sftermarket shock and spring. that was lowered. The result is great good luck.
  6. Nasty noise!!

    agreed, if it were the diff,
  7. Nasty noise!!

    could it be a wheel bearing does it happen only when turning right? On a different note if it were the transmission. Then if u put the clutch in and freewheel round the corner the noise should stop. Good luck