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  1. Hi Dave. Hope you are well. I will have another one please?! I have the old one ready for you. PM sent
  2. Fitted mine earlier today and I must admit it's the cheapest yet the best mod I have done so far Great bit of engineering Dave, thank you
  3. Sorry I meant oil temperature on the MFA but your reply was very helpful Anyway both problems now resolved.
  4. Hi, Hope you are all well. I have two problems with my 1994 Golf VR6. 1. Temperature gauge does not work. 2. No oil pressure reading on the MFA. Few weeks a go I no longer could get the oil pressure reading on the MFA but everything else works, MPG etc. Few days a go I noticed the water temperature gauge does not move. The fans still come on when in slow moving trafffic. The car has Climatronic, if it helps. I have changed the following: - New genuine yellow sensor on the thermostat housing. - New genuine brown sensor on the thermostat housing - New genuine sensor on the pipe going
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