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  1. do you still have the ignition surround housing?
  2. sonnys_vr6

    Wanted - VR6

    Hi, I am looking for a MK3 Golf VR6, pref 3 door, no blues or greens in colour, mileage is not a massive issue aslong as history\paperwork to back it. Not looking for project cars need something i can get in and drive. If anything got anything need something asap. Thanks Sonny
  3. when you mean spring rate do you mean the strenght of the spring its self?
  4. not yet, i wanna keep all the parts, just incase the day ever came that i was to sell the car i can atleast if need being put the car back to stock with out any problems.
  5. yh the bay needs to be cleaned again as the mech's who serviced the car manage to make it all dirty again and the exterior too...ive been a set of koni coilovers but there off a corrado vr6 ive been told they will fit but i aint tooo sure...im also hopefully sometime this week getting a new exhaust system fitted.
  6. looks good, like the temp rims u got on, what make are they and size?
  7. had the car less then a week, i was meant to have the car tinted yesterday but i ended up paying for a coil pack instead as the car was mis-firing and not running as smooth as could be, thats sorted now, i brought a new vr6 front lip as the car came with a gti front spliter, put to brand new finishing strips on the sides as they were starting to bubble and split...changed my gear knob too a chrome golf one the cars booked to go in two weeks time to get some body work done on the car to repair the rust on the car...system is going in too over the next week or so...finally the most effective mo
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