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  1. chrisbvr6

  2. agu misfire

    i know this is vr6 owners club but does ne one know about tha agu? i have a missfire on cylinder 3 even if i change it with another coil pack it still misfires there is no spark on coil pack 3 what would cause this?
  3. what is the first thing i should check. its not starting but i only went to it about 3 days ago and it atarted fine got in it this morning and all it does is turn over?::@
  4. mk2 vr6 conversion? problems

    what mk2 golf you putin it into? is it a driver or gti because the fuse boxes make a difference?
  5. mk2 vr6 conversion? problems

    hi thanx for all the replies it is now running it was the live wire to the ecu that wasnt connected so simple but so fustrating thanks for all ya help
  6. mk2 golf vr6 conversion problems

    thanks for the advice will go try it
  7. mk2 golf vr6 conversion problems

    it doesnt start at all? need some help last thing to do then its on the road
  8. mk2 vr6 conversion? problems

    hi thanx for all da replies but my internet broke. so i haven replied. ne way im pretty sure its aaa i have had the plugs out and tested the but there is no spark ne where? really stuck now last thing to be done and its on the road.
  9. mk2 vr6 conversion? problems

    yeah its an import on a aaa engine code think it a obd1 not %100 sure how do i find this out?
  10. mk2 golf vr6 conversion problems

    i have brought a corrado with aaa engine code. i have transfered everything into my mk2 golf and it is turning over just havent got a spark do i need to get the ecu decoded?
  11. i brought a corrado vr6 car with the aaa engine code on a coil pack i have now transferd everything out in to my mk2 golf and i have gone to turn it over it turns over fine but there is no spark. does the ecu need decoding?
  12. paint code matching

    you would br lookin bout 150 to 200
  13. bodywork £1200

    are they having to repair any dents on the car or is it just the two rust patches?
  14. New Wings

    if the rust isnt to bad you better of getting them blasted pattern parts never look right and you will prob never match the color so you will need to blend into your doors and mabey bonnet
  15. paint code matching

    prob not going to be a good match i work in a body shop and there are several different varients in the black magic your best of booking it in to a body shop and having the door you have got resprayed