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  2. Speedometer in my vr6

    No ideas anyone?
  3. Speedometer in my vr6

    The km counter only shows lines, but the trip counter works fine. What can be wrong? My outside temp and oil temp dosent show anything, it just goes straight to the clock when i push the button for the onboard computer. Can it be the "feelers" that has gone?
  4. I need a new/used starter for my G3 vr6, but i have seen that there are some different ones out there, some have nine teeths and some have ten teeths, and then som have to places you screw it on and some have three places. What do theese difference do/meen, can i use any of them? My vr6 is an old 92´ model by the way
  5. replacing inlet manifold

    Why would someone do all that work from obd1 to obd2? Is it only better for turbo tuning or are there other things to gain going from obd1 to obd2?
  6. Effect gain with 2.9 inlet and cams on a 2.8?

    Am i wrong?
  7. Effect gain with 2.9 inlet and cams on a 2.8?

    So bottomline is that there is no effect to gain with the 2.9 TB, it just works better in high revs than the 2.8 one, and the 2.8 one works better in low revs?
  8. Effect gain with 2.9 inlet and cams on a 2.8?

    My german is´nt that good but this is from an auktion on the german ebay: VW VR6 2,9 Liter Drosselklappe Grösserer Innendurchmesser im gegensatz zur 2,8 Liter Drosselklappe optimal zur Leistungssteigerung
  9. Effect gain with 2.9 inlet and cams on a 2.8?

    2.8 OBD1 TB are 64mm and 2.9 TB is 72mm. The 2.8 OBD2 TB is (as far as i know) also 72mm.
  10. Effect gain with 2.9 inlet and cams on a 2.8?

    2.8 cams are 248* and 2.9 cams are 256*.
  11. How much will i gain with those to parts? Some say that the inlet will not give any gains without the 2.9 throtlebody, but is that correct?
  12. Electric window problem

    No help?
  13. Adjustment guide for the G3 vr6 gearbox?

  14. Tapping noise when cold??

    Yes it drinks some oil and vw says its normal, i just think its weird to make an engine that drinks oil. Mine drinks about 1 liter for every 1000 km. Couls the tapping noise come from low oil presure due to worn rod bearings? I now on the Escort RS turbo the tappets can be noise if the rod bearings is worn. I have new bearings and tappets and will when i change them give the engine som new piston rings, then the noise and oil drinking should be over right?
  15. Tapping noise when cold??

    Its been about 5000 km since last oil change, so i dont think its the oil.