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  2. When I bought the car the guy told me he had done the rear arches to take 9's at the back. When I removed the trim I discovered he had hammerd them out then cut and folded the lip in. HE didnt do a bad job, but the arches were obviously dented by the hammer technique. The bodyshop have left the lip as it is but filled it full of sealant behind to stop any rust and then smoothed them over. The front drivers sill had been pranged and badly filled, and was rusting. They have cut smoothed and filled this. Apart from this there wasnt really any rust, just abit of shoody previous work, its amazing what those arch trims are used to cover.
  3. Got the car back this afternoon from another bodyshop session. I wont say how much it cost me, but thats well over a grand in paint its had now. The sills and arches were a right old mess and took them ages to sort. They have had the doors off and sprayed the door shuts too and welded all the rivet holes etc in the arches. Basically the car has had everything painted now apart from the roof, tailgate and rear bumper, which I may get done at a later date. They have done both drivers doors completely again free of charge, as I was unhappy with some bad masking lines first time around. Its going to remain with the sill and arch trims off as I prefer it. Here's some pics:
  4. My new VR - Project

    I think it looks excellent tbh.
  5. New wheels were fitted on Wednesday, they look great in the sun:
  6. Who has the highest mileage?

    good thread this. 95 M reg with 75K on the clocks. nothing other than a regular service schedule.

    Looks a minter that, I like that maroon colour to, A mate of mine had a GTi 8v in that colour a few years back. Would be nice to see it all cleaned up in the sun. I quite like the front end as it is, is your vento the same colour or something or you getting the grille and bonnet painted? You intending on changing the wheels? Keep the updates coming.
  8. Well, spent the day dodging the rain and cleaning her up. Managed to get out during a sunny spell for some pics all nice and clean. Can't wait to get the wheels on now to finish the look.
  9. Sorry mate sold them last week on E38. Had to take this photo tonight. There's a story behind it. The other white VR was the car I originally wanted to buy which is local to me. It appeared on pistonheads, but in the end the guy wouldnt sell it. Still I think I got something as good for less money more history and less miles, so all is fair. He has been on here before judging by the owners club sticker in his windscreen.
  10. Cheers JK, They seem to be few and far between white VR's? My aim is to have this one looking as mint as poss, with subtle OEM mods.
  11. Its stopped raining but still alittle dark, but managed to get a few pics. Would be some much better in the sun and after a wash plus abit of back to black. The body shop really have done me proud. Just needs the wheels on now. Going to sort a rear wiper too soon, Ive got the motor. Decided to put some original repeaters on as the tinted ones again aint my thing. The next set of wheels to go on lol:
  12. A little update on old whitey! Just got the car back from having £700 worth of work at the body shop. Looks amazing! Also I have invested in some standard BBS alloys which have been powder coated and painted black complete with new centre caps. All done by a pro refurber. The wheels have never been kurbed, they just had laquer peel etc so they were acid dipped first to remove the old paint. I haven't got them fitted yet, hopefully next week they will go on. Also fitted a new original looking gear knob and gaiter from Germany to replace the worn standard one. Looks pretty smart. Also sporting new orginal badges all around, I opted for the highline domed rear VW badge though as its nice and smoooth. Fitted the original fogs and indicators at the front and whacked some nice new and plain number plates on to complete the look. Its raining at the mo, but if it stops I will get some more pics up.
  13. Engine start issues

    Cheers, its a strange one.
  14. sold the 18's now. Got the car booked into a good bodyshop for next week. Getting the following repainted to sort out the worst bits on the car. Was looking at 1400 - 1600 for full respray, but I just can't justify that at the mo (to the missus). Well I might just get it done in stages lol! Bonnet (which has a dent in it), passenger wing, both doors on passenger side, front bumper and bottom of both drivers side doors for 700 hundred quid cash which judging by the quality of their work and what chipsaway quoted to do for 390 quid whhich wasnt alot is pretty good. Going in monday. This starting when warm problem is pissing me off though, need to sort that!