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  2. If the intermediate shaft timing was out what would it cause? Please excuse me if i appear daft but im the first to admit at present im not to clued up on the vr6 engine. Ive been trying to search but with no success.All i can see is it runs the oil pump so why would it need to be timed up as such because it wouldnt affect the crank to or cam timing marks provided the chains where fitted when the crankshft pointer and cam positions where all set to no1 tdc would it? Could i tell if it was correct by checking the crankshaft and cams where all at no1 tdc?
  3. Yeah cylinder 1 seems to be the noisest area altho like you say its hard to tell being honest with you when the noise sounds so deep in the engine.. I did try taking off the oil filler cap and listening thru there to see if the noise was worse and hoping to pinpoint it to a tappet but no joy as it didnt even seem to get noisier with the filler cap off! It really seems deep in the heart of the engine so maybe it is the intermediate shaft somehow making the noise. Like you say its def looking like a strip down job and have a look.I will try the top end like top chain.valve springs etc first as i was hoping not to goto the etxent of dropping off the gearbox etc to get to the bottom chain. Seems the gearbox etc has to come off to check the intermediate shaft timing and shaft etc which is a royal pain in the a*se if its that ..... I will be doing the work myself.Im more a vauxhall man tho really (done a few v6 astra conversions) but never worked on a vr6 before. Ive got a large lock up and rebuilt engines etc before but was secretly wishing it was a bit simpler fix before having to delve deep into an engine which ive never worked on before.
  4. Taking it back to the garage isnt an option as the previous owner has had some kind of payout for it. Im 99% sure it isnt big ends etc as the noise is from the tappet/valve area from behind cylinder 1 and no noise from the sump area.It also sounds to "tinny" for it to be the bottom end. Also the noise does get quieter from time to time but at no specific time. My opinion is its either a really bad tappet or possible valve/cam lobe problem. Im actuallly starting to think its a coincidence with the cam chains being replaced etc at the time it started as the noise isnt from that area? How relable are tappets on the vr6 engine?
  5. Would like your opinions really if poss. I bought the car over the fone in its present condition and collected it last night.Today ive had a quick look at it and i actually think the noise sounds like its coming from the behind the back of the engine around number 1 cylinder possibly around the tappet area.If i can i will try and get a sound recording done and see what you guys think.
  6. Ok will try and keep this short as possible... MK 3 VR6 1993 The cars been running fine and had a head rebuild after the headgasket went-no problems. which was about 12 months ago. Recently the car had part of the top cam chain tension break off and (about an inch) which fluttered around with the cam chains. Cutting a long story short the car was put into a garage and had both new cam chains, all new tensioners,adjusters and new oil pump changed all at the same time.(all new from vw) Obviously the garage was incompetent as the car now has a dreadful sound which i can only call a cross between a knock and tap (almost like big ends) coming from what appears to be the central area around the intermediate shaft area which they havent been able to fix! It was fine before this last lot of work was carried out so im assuming it must be related to something they have done!It appears not to have lost any power as such etc Luckily i have taken on this car as is and purchased it in this condition so its not me thats been ripped off.