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  2. wheres it going!!!!!

    thanks for that ip you guys have been a great help but i think i may have the cylinder liner problem. i came back from a motorway run poped the bonnet and sqeezed the hoses. i could just amount sqeeze them, i couldnt get the insides of the hoses to touch. i opened the cap on the header tank and the coolant started bubbling over, once the pressure had gone i could squeeze the hoses together. bad news isnt it?
  3. wheres it going!!!!!

    well the cars done, pick it up tomorrow £162 in total. im just gonna leave it because as you say how could i prove it? i just wont go back there again. they replaced the themostat but my temp gauge still barely moves, is that right.
  4. wheres it going!!!!!

    update on what happend! it was the thermostat housing that was leaking afterall (thanks to those who pointed that out) i noticed a tiny jet of water spraying out under revs. anyway took it to a garage near me gave them the parts list they said the parts would be £90 + 2 hours labour £197 in total (fair enough i thought). so i pick it up and all seemed well, when i got to work i had a look and saw that the coolant was below minimum but the cap was loose so i thought id lost some on the drive to work, then i noticed a small drip from the blue box and the blanking plug connected the housing, so i phone the garage and they said they would sort it out the next day. on the drive home i took it easy when all of a sudden on the m25 my coolant warning flashes so i get on the hard shoulder kill the engine and take a look and theres steam everywhere, no coolant left at all (fuming). i get the aa to tow me to the garage, keys through the door. i phoned them 1st thing to bollock them, i had to hire a car£70) to go to work. they phoned later to say i had a split in the coolant hose so another £110 + vat and the car would be ready saturday. so saturday comes and they say the cars not gonna be ready till monday due to a power cut. do you think its likely for a hose to split the day after the other work was done?
  5. wheres it going!!!!!

    thanks for all your help and advice people. im gonna take it to a garage i use to confirm and do the work as im not overly confident about doing it and being so busy at work i havent got time really. ill let you know how it go's. cheers.
  6. wheres it going!!!!!

    cheers mate thats a great help, hopefully that does it. is it an easy diy job? im a plumber so seals and the like shouldnt be a prop and ive got a basic understanding of mechanics. how much should it be at a garage if i dont take it on myself?
  7. wheres it going!!!!!

    right theres a black plastic unit on the battery side of the engine just under the little blue and yellow boxes. theres a bit of water sitting under that. is that a pump then?
  8. wheres it going!!!!!

    yeah without moving. the coolant pipes stay soft, i checked after my 50 mile run to work this morning. im so confused as the car runs and drives fine!!!
  9. wheres it going!!!!!

    no i was planning that but the rain made that impossibe. i just went to check the water and its down to about 30mm below minimum, at about 12.30 today it was roughly 20mm above minimum
  10. wheres it going!!!!!

    no the white smoke goes when its warm. and the engines as smooth as you like.
  11. wheres it going!!!!!

    thats interesting phat vr, my temp gauge only moves when stationary and i do notice water from the exhuast. what does that mean? i thought it was just condence. could i pour dye in my header tank to see if it comes out the exhaust?
  12. hello. ive got a 92 vr6 golf with 118000 on the clock. i bought it a month ago for 1285 with full history and in good nick. anyway for a couple of weeks its been using water, i do about 600 miles a week and its due a service but im topping up about half a litre a day i cant see any signs of a leak in the engine bay and there are no signs of water in the engine oil. the engine hasnt shown any signs of overheating either, the oils temps roughly 104 on mways and 90ish around town. ive just started noticeing some odd noises from the engine area when sitting at idle after its warmed up (grumbling noises). im confused as the waters got to be going somewhere! any ideas peeps?