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  2. please recomend me an exhaust

    Don't know if you're into your fabrications but mine is running Toureg backbox (don't know if it's full system as it was on there when I got it!) and it sounds amazing IMO. Just a little burble on tickover but she sings when you nail it. It's quiet enough that when I turn up at my dad's he doesn't know I'm there till I walk in the door!!
  3. Do you know where to get it cheaper kalv? Xyber what bits will I need for the service? I know it needs plugs filters and oil, it needs pads but I'll get them to put green stuff pads on. Anything else?
  4. I just mean the Kamei honeycomb grill. Are they that expensive really?? That sucks cos they look mental!
  5. Anyone know where to pick up a Kamei badgelesee grill andd how much they cost?? Easy to put on or not?
  6. Will any old garage be able to get hold of genuine dub parts? Is it alot better to run it on genuine dub parts aswell? This is the first car I've had that I wanna take care of her so I'mm planning on spending that valuable bit of extra cash to make her purr but not bankrupt myself! e.g this will be the first time in 4 years of driving experience where I have actually serviced a car!! To be fair the last 2 were an Escort and an Astra :-S
  7. My new VR needs a service and I'm trying to keep the cost down, how do I drop the oil to replace it as it really does need it? I know on some cars there is just a nut you undo and it drops out, is this the case with the VR? Also does anyone know what size socket is needed to change spark plugs? Any info on money saving ideas while servicing the car would be appreciated! Cheers
  8. Anyone who knows please help!

    Thats brilliant! Be picking that one up on Thursday then! lol Thanks mate, let the modding commence!!! lol
  9. Hi everyone I'm hoping to be a VR6 owner soon, hence this thread! Basically I looked at one today that my dad checked out for me as he knows about ths sort of thing! He reckons it's running rich, I'm wondering if this is the norm as it has been parked up for a while? Also the idler pulley is a little loud, is this an issue and how much is it to replace, or should I not touch it? Any advice would be appreciated as I love this VR!! Thanks