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  2. Thanks for all the kind words guys!! Really happy with the result as most of the work was done by myself or with the help of my mates and on a budget i started building the wheels in September/Nov time and finally they are finished!! lol AJmk2 - the interior is red and black colour concept leathers with rear headrests and red stitching, black highline door cards, red anniversary seatbelts, powdercoated red show cage and momo team 280mm with porsche horn push we did get some snaps of the interior, but they didnt come out as good as we expected tbh
  3. Hello people!! Havent ever really made a proper introduction of me or my car, but my name is Indy, 22 from West London... As some of you know, ive been working on the car since UD 2010 as i wasnt 100% happy with it... Well the car is finally 99.9% at a place where i can say i am happy with it...obviously there will be a few minor things but afterall she is my daily so not going to be perfect!! Wanted to get the car ready for DC10, so after finishing exams etc i decided it was time to put the car back together Once it was all back together and the new bits and pieces sorted, i met up with zebbs of zebtan photography and we took it for a little photoshoot the other day... Like i said, this is my daily, so cant go as low as i would like but im pretty happy with the way she is sitting So what do you guys think? C & C welcome Indy
  4. oh hubba hubba

    such an awesome vid!