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  1. lornious

  2. where can i find the engine number

    go for it!
  3. where can i find the engine number

    oh yeah my bad! cheers mayte
  4. where can i find the engine number

    you mean that silver plate??
  5. where can i find the engine number

    thats why i need the number. thelog book stillsays its a gti. this could get interesting
  6. where can i find the engine number

    yeah iv looked there, but its not there? any other ways to how to find out wa thte engine number is?
  7. where is the engine number on the block? i cant find it!
  8. shes finally back!

    the conversion cost me around 1500 including fitting. and iv gone with Ecar insuarnce? dunno if you;'ve heard of them.
  9. shes finally back!

    haha yeah your telling me. i found cheaper nsuarance now 1700 so its all good now!. yeah as soon as she went to the garage i think every mk2 came out cldnt wait to get her back!
  10. shes finally back!

    only just had the vr6 put in. had new cams aswell. not sure what shes running at unfortunatly.
  11. shes finally back!

    in the garage getting everything done to it. engine. paint. coilovers. interior. the works.
  12. after a long while. i finally have mymk2 back! needs a good clean up. let me know what you think! [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_001.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_002.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_003.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_004.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_005.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_006.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_007.jpg][/lightbox] [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1202386304_6987_FT0_golf_008.jpg][/lightbox]
  13. donny north?

    aah right.. me and some of my mates was ment to be in a premier inn darn you!! haha.. yeah il come and say hello.
  14. donny north?

    aah wicked i hope to be on the track aswell. should be a laugh!! well if everyone wants to meet up while we are there?
  15. donny north?

    to manzi yeh im planning on doin the track. unfortunatly im the onli golf of my frends. we stayin in a motel near the park. and to ingham. yeah thats the one i mean..(Y)