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  1. Hi ShaunZ Going to start from scratch so please dont be offended if this sounds over simplified. The lights are on due to a fault detected. This will be stored in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). To access this there is a standard called On Board Diagnostics (OBD II as its the second iteration of the standard). There are plenty of ODB II adapters but the one you really want if you are going to have VW group cars (Audi, Skoda etc) is VagCom by Ross Tech Basically you will need to get the car scanned for OBD Errors, specifically ABS and Air Bag, but it will
  2. I assume it has been working? If you are getting a strong smell of fuel, is it leaking out of the filter before its getting to the engine? Is the filter put in back to front. Not sure if this can cause an issue, but it has a direction arrow on it for a reason. The arrow should be pointing towards the engine. So if you have fuel... Next thing to check is are you getting a spark. If you have a timing light then use this on every lead. I have one that is a non contact one from back in the day when you used to have to time up cars, Google Timing Lamp. about 20 quid or so. HT lea
  3. I had the Crank sender go and it would turn over but not fire. Called AA and he said they can get magnetised so just pull connector and short it out and off I went. Lambda sensor shouldnt give you too much grief, mine has been broken for ages and it still runs reasonably well. Im told that if the Lambda stops working the ECU ignores it and tries its best to work out filling from its other sensors. May be a bit off, but I dont think it would be that bad.I get pretty good MPG so cant be too bad but then again i drive like an old man as i am one. My first stop would be a
  4. 1st off, im no expert, but my 2p worth see if your radiator is getting hot? If the car overheated then could be that the thermostat is knackered, since the temp sender is around that area that could be misreading and causing the ECU to overfuel and its running rich? So if you can test the emissions see what its running at. You could have an air lock so check the heater in the car, is it getting warm, if not possible air lock. When cold, Open the expansion tank, start the car and let it get up to temp, if you see bubbles in the coolant then you have air in the system. Dont let it ge
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