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  2. anyone fitted a b&m short shift them selves?

    ive got one for my rado and its defo an underneath job. u just cant get that pivot bolt out. i was tempted to anglegrind the tunnel
  3. Coolant Reservoir Top Cap Pressure

    yeah u should be able to swap them. i had a blue one on my old bottle and now have a black one and its pants.
  4. "Best" cams on VR6T

    the shimmel 263's are designed for forced induction and are proven. ive gone with them.
  5. Are all redtops the same?

    ive heard different flow rates so not sure but its the ones from a saab turbo you want. normally loads cheap on ebay
  6. bosch 440cc injectors or equivalent

    ford granada cosworth came with green tops

    I am finally gunna get round to fitting my rotrex kit from storm this friday. I have found a picture of how the belt runs but i would really appreciate it if any of you rotrex owners out there could post up sum pics of how the pipe work goes. any help or advice would be great. its a bit of a puzzle and i dont wanna get it wrong. thanks for any help you can give me. Chris
  8. corrado vr6 ecu question

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! the ecu i had on the way to me got broken in transit.breakers yard has refunded me so i need another.the problem is when the origional ecu packed up i sent it to be reconditioned and the reconditioning company said it had shorted out and would replace the parts inside the ecu for new ones. when it came back put it in the car and nothing happend at all.took it to vw who checked all the wireing and everything that end was fine.a car electrian friend opened the ecu up to find it had been bodged and there was now a hole blown in the pc board.reconditioning company wont do anything about it and i refused to pay them.sent it to another ecu reconditioning company and they said its now no longer repairable.the problem with me getting a new one is im not sure what code ecu i need as the first company took the origional bosch label off and stuck their own on. it says 0 261 200 493/4 021 906 258 i searched the net and found theres a few different codes for a 93 reg rado vr6 they are Corrado VR6 2.9 litre (ABV) 91-93 Bosch Motronic 2.7 0 261 200 493 - 021 906 258 B 0 261 200 494 - 021 906 258 CC Corrado VR6 2.9 litre (ABV) 93 on Bosch Motronic 2.9 0 261 203 108 - 021 906 258 AG 0 261 203 109 theres my dialemer.if anyone can tell which one i need i would be very greatfull.even better would be if you had one for me to buy.thanks very much for your time.
  9. corrado vr6 ecu question

    thank you very much for your help.much appreciated
  10. corrado vr6 ecu question

    hi can anyone please help me?i have a new ecu on the way for my 1993 k reg corrado vr6 as the old one went wrong.the one comming is also out of a 1993 k reg. will it need to be coded to the car? thats what ive been told.any help would be greatly appreciated