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  1. Dicko&Sarah

  2. a lot lol rs500 t4 turbo grey injectors rs500 cooler wossner low comp pistons head ported and polished to 27mm bd10 cams
  3. shiny plastics

    cool cheers for that mate ill have to get some and try it
  4. shiny plastics

    so is that not painted? just bumber gel sort of stuff?
  5. shiny plastics

    yeah thats the sort of thing you got any side on pics? and also what have you used?
  6. shiny plastics

    has anybody got any pics of a vr6 with shiny plastics ie sideskirts,tops of bumpers etc thanks
  7. Girlfriend killed it

    oopps that look pretty bad mate
  8. after ive thought about it, surely i wont need spacers if i need the calipers too as the spacer is to enable the disc to fit the caliper, if i have the correct caliper theres no need for a spacer?
  9. Fitting Merc wheels

    which wheels as im after a set of merc AMG wheels would be interested in buying em off you if the ones im after?
  10. ah right i was under the impression that the discs would still fit on my calipers as a lad at work with a corrado vr6 managed to get em on his with his original calipers?
  11. Can anyone tell me what i need to get audi tt 300mm discs to fit my car? i was told it was a spacer for the caliper and the carrier for the pads off an audi tt? is there anything else i need as i can get the discs cheap from work
  12. merc amg wheels

    tbh i think out of ease and money ill prob go for rs4 wheels, even though my heart is in the merc ones i simply dont have the time to be messing about so much, once i get the few things i want doing ill get another photoshop to see which looks best
  13. Richie's 94 vr - still ongoing...

    looks very well, makes me wonder about all the colour coding after all i dont know now hmmmm
  14. Richievr - any more pics of your car?