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  2. Just read your post and was wondering why u decided to change this part out? Wot were the symptoms? My car's running like a bag of nails once upto temperature. Changed leads, plugs coilpack etc and it's not any of these. Have been informed it could be an air leak was wondering if it could be this part that's goosed? Cheers Euan
  3. Mine went in no bother. Only thing i had to bore a hole in was the back plastic cover of the light. For £30 it's a great mod.
  4. Not sure to be honest mate. What colour should they be? Is it easy enough to check? Cheers
  5. Hi guys, I'm in desperate need of some help with my mk2 vr6 OBD2. In the past month i've changed the plugs, leads, coilpack and coolant temperature sensor and it's still running like a bag of bolts! Also did a compression test aswell and 5 bores are reading 12psi and 1 is at 11.75(or as near as) and i've been told this is within tolerance as i'm no mechanic. After changing the plugs the car ran ok for about a day or so but then started it's coughing and spluttering again. Took a plug out and it was wet with fuel. Me and a mate have hunted high and low to try and find the OBD port in the car to get it plugged in but haven't had any joy so i'm assuming there isn't one which is a pain in the backside. The guy i bought the car from never had it for long but mentioned it had been supercharged at one point so i was thinking that the ecu might have been remapped to suit the charger then just left when put back to standard? Does anyone else think this could be the cause? Or would it most likely be injectors or lambda sensor? Running out of options and patience fast!! :S Anyone's help on what i should try next would be much appreciated. If i've missed any information out just ask. It's my first post so go easy on me! ;-) Cheers Euan