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  1. Wanted vr6

    Any details pal cheers
  2. Wanted vr6

    Wanted golf/corrado vr6 maybe unfinished project try me
  3. Wanted vr6

    Put some on if can see
  4. Wanted vr6

  5. Wanted vr6

    Wanted vr6 unfinished project try me. Or maybe deal on my mk2 gti 8v
  6. Davec

  7. Wanted rear engine mount bolt

    Anyone got a rear engine mount bolt the one that goes in the top that holds engine in cheers
  8. Wanted corrado vr6 top rad hose

    Am after a top rad hose of a corrado vr6 if anyone has on for sale cheers
  9. help

    every time i go to my posts nothing there apart from the first thing i wrote and when i log in and go on say for sale say someone posted a new post but go in to it and not there but old posts please can someone help