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  1. volkmen

  2. auxillary water pump

    Thanks every peeps looking into it,might need to replace that little black box. cheers again.
  3. auxillary water pump

    Cheeers bud, it was a funny question to ask i know but the last thing iwant is more repairs especially another head gasket. the pump was'nt the cause that time neither. I'll get it good and hot and test it again. ta
  4. auxillary water pump

    Hi does anyone know if the auxillary water pump should run after the engine is shut down the same as the golfs cos mine doe'snt, the pump is fine as i have already tried a knew one. if it should run is there a seperate relay and where is it?
  5. Suspension advice

    hi not long been part of the gang so if you have already fitted your suspension ignore my rambling, I've just done mine and we put eibach springs on and kyb twin gas struts on. I've never known a front wheel drive handle so well,there is'nt a scooby in the county that can get away from me on a round about!!!!!! but it did cost around six hundred to do but it was well worth it. and it is a awsome set up for track days and racing. we put em on all the track cars.
  6. [poll] 'Needless risks' in police chases

    The way i see it if the thieving little sh##'s steel a car and then run some one over or hit someone else they are going to do it whether they are being chased or not,cos they get there thrills threw driving like idiots regardless. An exocet might be a bit excessive tho!!!! As long as the boys in blue leave us alone they can go ahead and get the little scum bags!
  7. I gotta say you cant even begin to compare a german car to a jap rice burner! for start you cant get a front bumper off of a 5 year scooby with out all the brackets dropping in half and the bolts ringing off! you dont get that with atwenty year old v dub thats for sure. but you have got to thank the japs for keeping all the muppetts out of decent cars and saving them for us.
  8. Helloo..... has anyone got any ides about why my auxillary water pump does not run when the engine is shut down. the pump is not faulty as I have tried a new one and it works fine when the car is running. is there a seperate relay maybe?