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  2. MPG In Ya 4motion

    Mmm, this is becoming more topical. I am seeing something between 23 and 28 MPG depending on how spiritedly I drive my 2001 4Motion. I have had it below 20 on the dash mounted display but over a tank full (60 litres) I am getting about 360 miles equivalent to 27.5 mpg on a daily journey of 14 miles each way.
  3. Courtesy lights no longer working

    Thanks for theinformation, I will look into the options and hope they will give me the solution.
  4. Courtesy lights no longer working

    Hi, sorry my syntax was a bit over complicated, I understand that the two are very likely related, since before the work it all worked fine and now it doesnt, but thanks for the info about the third plug, can you remember which one or shall I need to look into it and use trial and error. The fault is not a fatal one, just annoying Cheers
  5. Hi Folks, On Friday I had a hands free kit fitted to my 4Motion, ever since my courtesy lights have ceased to function, either on opening the driver or passenger door or when removing the key from the ignition. Whilst I realise that the two events are probably not disconnected, does anyone have the knowledge of the electrical system to diagnose where I should look to try and rectify this before calling the engineer back. Thanks Gary
  6. De-badging my 4Motion

    Interestingly I do not have a V6 badge on the front and a subsequent post would suggest that perhaps the badges had been removed earlier as they dont seem to be lined up correctly (perhaps after a respray on the tailgate or no badges in the first place?). Still the log book all adds up so no worries there. I think I will leave them on, just to torment GTI owners!
  7. De-badging my 4Motion

    Hi All, These are the only badges that I have, the V6 and the 4motion ones, is it really worth taking these off?
  8. De-badging my 4Motion

    Hi Tobesvw, Thanks for the reply, I will admit that the existing badging in quite discreet, so I may decide to leave it on, however as I spend a reasonable amount of time away from home leaving my car parked outside on the street I am paranoid that my new baby is going to get nicked whilst I am off on a business trip. Parking in a more secure location is a pain in the a**e as it means I have to get dropped off at the office on the way back from the airport, and that is too close to work (especially on a Friday afternoon). Anyhow, I will give it some serious thought, thanks again. Gary
  9. De-badging my 4Motion

    Hi All, A little bit of advice please? I currently park my newly acquired 4Motion out on the street and am a bit worried that some little scrote is going to either damage it or steal it, so I want to remove the obvious badges. The car is a 2001 on a Y plate, so the only badge is on the tailgate; the questions are: Should I do it? If I do, are there any tips on how to do it without damaging the paintwork and to make sure I can replace them if I sell the car on? Thanks Gary
  10. How high is your insurance?

    It looks like I am paying a bit over the top, I have 17 years NCB (although I think only 6 or 7 actually count) and am paying GBP380. The car is however parked outside on the street, so that can't help.