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  2. Hi, Has anyone put mk4 Calipers onto their VR? I want to uprate mine but was wondering how much work is involved in it and what parts I will need. I heard it is just the Calipers and a pipe that is needed, making it a very simple job...
  3. VAG COM

    Simon, I am near maidenhead and have one, if you are still interested in using it.
  4. Exactly. I know the chains are MEANT to last the life of the car but they do 1) stretch and 2) CAN break. I wasnt saying you dont care about your car but I would do it without a second thought, the work gone into changing the tensioners you may as well do the chains as well thats all im saying, I would rather wait another week, get the chains and then not have to worry about doing them in the future. By the way the R32 tensioners are meant to be much better, they last longer.
  5. To do the lower tensioner you need the box off anyway, the chains are then a piece of p*?s, seriously and they really are not that much. Ask anyone on here who cares a tiny bit about their car and they will tell you to change them at the same time mate.
  6. If it has FVWSH then they should have changed the chains by now, if it has done 140,000. I think the recommended time to change them is around 100,000 give or take.
  7. Get more info, dont just take their word for it, find out exactly what is wrong with it.
  8. VAG COM East sussex or just sussex.

    I am near Slough, about an hours drive from you, ROUGHLY. Willing to help although I am away for a week and a half from friday night onwards.
  9. I do use GSF quite a bit but my brother bought bearings from them recently for his Corrado and had to replace them after 6 months as they were breaking up. I would recommend going for original parts to be honest.
  10. p.s. I would place money on the camshaft sensor...
  11. I am near slough, not in it, near it so pretty close to you. Got Vag-Com if you are interested still and need the help.
  12. heater matrix

    yup!! Is a bit of a bitch of a job, especially to get it 'air free'. Glad it is you and not me sorry but good luck...
  13. Worst mod to be added to a VR6

    What about those nasty NASTY Playboy logos.... now they should be banned by law
  14. Worst mod to be added to a VR6

    very true but there are lots of tasteful mods to do, there are lots that I dont like but still think they are tasteful, and lots i do like that i also think are tasteful but tacky mods...... nah!!!!!
  15. Worst mod to be added to a VR6

    So many mods that look crap... and you should not in any way shape or form abuse the VR6, they are quality cars and putting cheap crappy mods on them 1) lowers the value, 2) brings down the whole quality of the model, not just that one car 3) makes the other owners of those cars look silly (what kind of person do you think of when you think Saxo??? ) 4) wastes a lot of money 5) keeps rip-speed in business... Only personal opinion but I can not stand badly modded cars when the quality of the car demands more, I can understand it on a saxo, I can understand it when you are young but if you dont have the money to buy a quality car and mod that car tastefully then you shouldnt really try to mod it until you have the money for proper/tasteful mods. No hating/hatin just personal opinion.
  16. Got this today

    Theres nothing quite like getting it ripped out of you is there... Poor guy...
  17. My bad luck continues...

    Maidenhead, down the M40 about 30 - 40 mins I think. He works from home doing private work.
  18. My bad luck continues...

    p.s. my mate does mechanics and repairs etc if you are interested. He works for a couple of body shops and does private work in his own time, I have used him plenty and have been happy with his work.
  19. My bad luck continues...

    Bad news matey.... Sounds like you hit it flipping hard, check out the chassis, hopefully that isnt twisted, the others can be replaced, probably not what you needed but it can all be fixed so far from what you have seen.
  20. I love those clocks!!! It isnt very often I like a new set of clocks, alot of the time they all look cheap and 'kevvy' if you like but those I love!!
  21. any vag.com helpers??

    Im in Maidenhead mate, only about 45 mins or something isnt it?
  22. [moved] My new VR6!

    C3, you got any more pics? Only kidding... Lovely looking car, really like the comps!!
  23. Some say the chains are for the life of the engine, others say change them at about 100,000, I have had several VR's, one of them sitting on 175,000miles, the chain had never been done nor the tensioners, I changed the tensioners as they were wearing through and didnt bother with the chains, I never had a problem with it to be honest although looking back I probably should have changed them considering the work that went into changing the tensioners and the actual chain doesnt cost that much at all. It is usually the top tensioner the rubs through rather than the bottom tensioner. Whilst you are getting that done I would get the clutch changed too as the gearbox needs to come out to change the lower tensioner and the chain/chains.
  24. Sharon, Have you had it on Vag-Com since your mechanic looked at it? Has the coilpack been checked? Does it do it if you are only accelerating gently or when you put your foot down at low revs or both? Is it purely between 1,000 and 2,000 revs or is it there at other revs but just not as noticable?