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  1. Karl i was going to ask u.His got one now though. Do you still need that pipe/ vavle for the back of the inlet manni. i think ive found somone who "thinks" he has one knocking around let me know and ill chase it up
  2. yep they had a nice ride. really smooth. Alittle bit to soft for me. defo a road coilover rather than track
  3. Hello. One of my mates is doing a VR6 convertion on a mk2 but instead of buying everything in one go his putting it all together bit buy bit LOL He needs a flywheel so if anyones got one knocking around. let me know a price posted and ill let him no. Tom EDIT. its a budget bodge pikey job mainly built out of bits his finding in my garage so he wont be after any new lightened flywheels ect
  4. Phat VR6


    i love ducati and rossi. its a shame they don't seem to be getting on. I think its a brand new bike so im sure with time they will get it sorted out. i want the brit to do well
  5. stops weight shifting around in the front when you go round coners. sounds crazy but you can feel the difference
  6. the oil pressure switch/ light is the most important part of you car to saving you hundreds of pounds and a full engine rebuild. id guess and eathing the wire that goes to the switch onto the block
  7. yes will fit the 24v but i want to sell it with the R32 oil pump for around £150
  8. ive got a shallow steel sump and r32 oil pump for sale if your intrested. used to run it on my VR but ive sold my car now.
  9. I have the the drive shaft flanges for sale if anyone is intrested
  10. i would post but wouldn't want them to get damaged. you can have both for £20. there from a 3 door, but i guess it would be fine if your just repairing rust
  11. ive got both rear pannels mate that i never used. just been sitting in my garage. as i brought them new. Let me know if i can help
  12. fair play to him. how many pins does he have lol. you have to have some seriously massive balls to get in a sidecar
  13. ive got a plastic welder that i use for floor laying and some old bumpers. what are you using for the rod? any chance you could post some pictures up when you do it id like to do mine but havent got round to it
  14. Been reading about it on club gti. Have fun is all I can say' date=' I loved my first proper track day at snetterton [/quote'] yep im looking forward to it hopfully it will stay in one piece lol
  15. http://www.trackdays.co.uk/calendar/ there all around the £100 mark. im doing the one on the 29th of jan. bedford Could you not just book one up for a say 3 months time tell everyone which it is and then each person books in there own time
  16. s2000s and scoobys. id find it hard to own a 4 pot after the VR6
  17. if it smells horrible is gear oil. Is there alot coming out? could just be the oil from the old gearbox
  18. ive booked one on 29 jan . i might be up for trying to chase some evos and failing lol
  19. if waters getting into your oil the oil with start to go white and creamy. as bungy said it could be your headgasket. after a good run does the coolant pipes go ROCK soild? It could be that your exhaust gas'es are pressurising your coolant system and in the process heating your coolant. You can do a test to check for exhaust gas's in your coolant buy putting a little tester stick in the exspantion chamber
  20. yeah i can't think what his refering to. Hve you checked your oil level? If you've only got a very small amount in. like not even showing on the dip stick then the oil would heat up quicker and get hotter... Apart from that as long as your coolant temps ok i can't think what else would cause it.. Is it just a standard VR?
  21. mines now fitted. does 120mph then its hitting the rev limiter in 5th . the gear change is like butter. sooo smooth compaired to the last 3 vr box's ive had. the bit im most happy with. also feels tighter and quicker change it does feel quicker and more alive.3rd now 80 instead of 100.. and 4 does 100 instead of 120. mines just a toy but with the 3.94 it defo drinks alot more
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