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  2. Thanks for suggestion, will try removing brown connector tomorrow. Will keep you informed.
  3. Hi,I've got a problem with my aircon and radiator fans. When I run the engine, and with the bonnet up I can hear the aircon pump start to opperate, but the radiator fans stay off. If I leave the engine to run hot, the temp dial goes up and the radiator fans switch on at top wack.I thought it was an air/gas problem so took it to an aircon specialist. He tested it but said it was because the radiator fan/s were not cutting in early enough. He seems to think that it is the radiator fan motor that is faulty, because it doesn't run at "level 1 or 2" only cutting in at level 3 - the maximum. He says it's not the relays,but reading through some of the threads I'm not so sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dave