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  2. Repainting tailgate

    I've just bought another tailgate for my golf. I need to respray it metallic blue, it is currently black. Does anyone recommend what paint I should use and how much I might need. Thanks
  3. HELP, acceleration hesitation problem

    Thanks again guys, I will try the coil pack tests as mentioned and clean the MAF. IP how much and where from for another coilpack??
  4. HELP, acceleration hesitation problem

    Thanks guys, I have changed the HT leads in the last 18months so I don't think its those. How do I check the coil pack? What about throttle body and MAF could it be either of those also??
  5. I have just forked out a fortune to fix the immediate problem of a stuck open injector. This is OK now but the car (OBD1) still has an intermitant problem of a dead spot at the bottom end of the rev range. It still ticks over OK but when I accelerate the first 1000-2000 revs, the car hesitates then pulls. It does the same if I decellerate the accelerate again. It pauses then picks up. Any ideas guys?? It really pi"£$%"es me off!!
  6. Which OBD cable

    I've just been stung to the tune of £220 to diagnose and cure a broken injector!! I want to be able to diagnose myself. Which cable do I need for a '95 Golf VR6? Software is on its way. £4 on ebay. Can the car be tweeked using this connector?? Thanks

    Both windows on my VR6 were broken when I bought it. The guy who I bought it off gave me new motors with the deal. When I looked, both regulators (cable systems) were shot. It is a common fault. I bought two new regulators off ebay and fitted them. Its quite easy - takes about 30 minutes per side. WARNING:- The after-market parts on ebay don't last very long, mine lasted 18months and both are broken again!! DOH!!
  8. Cheers guys, will have a look at the Ford Galaxy PCV. Thanks.
  9. The connection tube on the small check valve between the air-intake and rocker cover has broken on my car, I've tried GSF who don't stock them. Is there anywhere else I can try?? Thanks,
  10. I need to change my front tyres as they are worn. Will a set of 215-40-17's fit under the arches when the car is lowered by about 35mm?? The car has a set of 205-40-17's at the moment. Cheers
  11. Cylinder Head/tappets

    Free BTTT!! Can the tappets be adjusted with the head in place?? Thanks
  12. Cylinder Head/tappets

    I haven't changed the oil yet so I don't know whats in it. Which oil do you recommend??
  13. My Golf has got a tapping noise coming for the top of the engine when it has warmed up. I bought it from a mate who had the head refurb'ed. He said that the company that refurb'ed it had put the tappets back in the wrong order - hence the tapping noise. Are the tappets adjustable and if so, can it be done with the head still on the car?? Thanks for any help.