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  2. thinking about selling. it's dragon green. '96 im the 4th owner. 97k miles. full service history. cloth interior. excellent condition. its the later engine. and the car has no mods at all other than a k + n panel filter. what would you advertise it for if yours? many thanks..
  3. Just had a look at this company.. http://www.oldskoolperformance.co.uk/ they do VR6 conversions and state the b.h.p as 174 or 184 depending on year.. mine is a '96 P plate which i am fairly sure is the later ODB2 engine. this will be 174b.h.p? which are the 184b.h.p badasses?!!
  4. had a garage nr me refuse to do the jod, as he says the allen bolts holding the plastic housing onto the engine block can shear off, and it could end up a nightmare for him.. anyone had issues, or got any been there done that tips for me to have a go myself? cheers
  5. so its just the O-rings then?
  6. cheers, its defo loosing coolant, as i have to keep topping it up... nice pink veedub stuff. are the expanssion chamber caps a known leak/weak point? c
  7. cheers Bobda ilove u.thats a top reply, but quite frankly your wobbly head avatar is so disturbing i find it hard to look at! is that a miltek exhaust btw?
  8. slight loss of coolant nr or below the expanssion chamber. is this a common prob? any tips? difficult to spot drips at idle, but there is a bit of liquid pooling on the sub-frame.. ta
  9. on a damp morning, you can see and hear the sparks and the engine is lumpier than yer ma's mash.. is the fault the leads or thepack? i'vea feeling this is a common VR issue. thanks in advance.
  10. 24v + rotrex

    >370.5 BHP @ 3941 RPM! WHAT THE F'##K? we are still talking golfs here? how do you get 200 more horses than standard? in a nutshell what have you done? and shouldnt you be T-Rex racing rather than just Lizard? the torque steer must be indescribable!!
  11. right, that makes some sort of sense. cheers p.s- some needled1ck dragged a key down 2 panels on sat night! what goes on in these peoples heads?! do they walk off feeling satisfied? not like its some flash winged up bling mobile either, just looks well polished ;-(
  12. DOH!! and ive got a science degree too! do they do owt for performance? cant see how.. (p.s. guy in the next unit at work just got a new S6 with 5.2 litre lambo engine. sat in n blipped it, n the whole car rocks with the blip! makes the VR6 sound like an asmatic moped!!)
  13. theres a company called Dubsport offers a 70Deg thermostat, yet doing a search on here shows people v happy with a 160 Deg Neauspeed item. What effects do these have on driving characteristics? ta