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  1. big jay

  2. the chain snapped!!!!!!!!!!!

    let us know about the engine, he is not too sure what to do yet. the car has done 128 i think, black highline on a p
  3. does anyone know where to get and how much a new engine would be. my mates cam chain has snapped and according to another friend who is a mechanic, it is dead. it is a highline but has a bit of rust on her and he reckons it is only worth about £1800. he is on about getting rid of it if it is too much to repair. any ideas? cheers jamie
  4. never done them on a vr but you can get a tool with a spark plug thread on it which goes in the hole and you attach an air line to a compressor. keeps it at over 100 psi and they work well. another way is to blow a balloon up in the barrel but never tried this one ( souds dodgy )
  5. water pipe

    lovin the vr again, only had abou 4 days driving it out of the three weeks i have owned it. atleast all the probs are being ironed out. i hope
  6. water pipe

    tight!!!!! i have got no skin left on my arms or knuckles. got the housing of no probs, thought i was on for an easy fix till i tried pulling the pipe out. done now though and hope it dont need doing again!!!!!!!!
  7. water pipe

    cheers mate. i will give it a go tomorrow. jamie
  8. water pipe

    hi, can anyone tell me how to change the plastic water pipe going across the front of the block. it has a small pipe coming off of it to the oil cooler. cheers jamie
  9. stalling.... I need help

    is that thingy you cant remember the name of the idle valve? if not, take it off and spray loadsa brake cleaner in it. that cured mine.
  10. From ?, through ? to VR?

    oh, had a 16v corrado aswell but was well disappointed. especially as the insurace group is the same as a vr!!
  11. From ?, through ? to VR?

    mk1 gti mk2 gti 8v corrado g60 (had it 8 days b4 over confidence and cold weather got the better of me) volvo 480 escort 1.4 mk 3 mk 4 golf se pulsar 5 gt turbo (pumpin 250 bhp at 29 psi, guess what happened to that!!!!!!! ) volvo 440 mk3 vr6 ( bit of a rocky star with her but hopefully will be sorted next week ) the vr has gotta be the nicest car i have ever owned, cant wait for her to be running sweet.
  12. abtech

    hi, my car is going to abtech in southampton on friday as i have gotta few probs with her. just wondered if anyone knew what they are like and what there pricing is like? cheers jamie
  13. engine cuts out / slow idle

    i have just picked up my 95 golf vr and it is doing the same thing. :-( any help would be appreciated cheers,jamie
  14. DIY turbo guide

    what sort of psi are you gonna be able to run? seen one running about half a bar but was running on standard fuelling system. i will be very interested to see the outcome as i have been a bit of a turbo man for a few years now but never on a car with a decent amount of cubes. :-p