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  1. phoenix

  2. Thanks guys. The true answer will hopefully be got on Sunday as I'm having the old pump removed from the car so I can obtain the part number. Thanks for all the help!!
  3. Thanks mate. The part no I was given from my mate who works at VW is 3A0907375A but the one offered doesn't have that number anywhere on it. Which do I have the obd2? Thanks for ur help!
  4. Have secured a sale of the above but really wanted to make sure that its the same thing from the older car to my 4 yr newer car? Please advise a.s.a.p Thanks!!
  5. just wondering what it might be as someone on here is selling one from an earlier model which I need. Will it be compatible? Thanks
  6. Got my Highline today

    That's what it sounds like actually, so that makes it re-assuring. Thanks mate!!
  7. Got my Highline today

    Near Ilkley mate, between Keighley & skipton
  8. Bradford meet

    Sounds like there could be a descent crew going to leeds on the 22nd. Just been thinking, would anyone be up for a mini meet before then. This Sunday maybe in Harry Ramsdens car park at Guiesely or somewhere like that. Just thought of there as its right at the top of the road any bradford members would come from and is easy enough for me, Ilkley, Otley etc.
  9. Hi No they're off a mk 4 golf. I don't like them to be honest and will be the first things to be replaced.
  10. Got my Highline today

    Pictures now on in the photos section of the forum. Please have a look!
  11. Got my Highline today

    To be honest I spotted it straight away and he assured me it was ok as he is an aston martin technician. I've come to the conclusion its more of a whirring noise and it can't be heard from inside the car, so here's hoping. If it is serious though I will be having words and demanding some money back, I do have friends who are good at persuation!
  12. Got my Highline today

    Sorry didn't read reply properly....from VW!
  13. Got my Highline today

    Thanks for that. To be honest it was said that the car is due for a service so fingers crossed some new oil will do the trick. Where's a good place for said oil? Thank for all your help!
  14. Got my Highline today

    So if its the latter which I hope it is out of the 2 how is it resolved and is it costly?