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  1. nickvr

  2. Im Back

    after 6 months of being without my vr ive decided to go back! selling to save some money obviously was the wrong decision so now im after a new vr. preferably a p, r reg model with below to average mile in good cond. if anyone no's of anything for sale please pm me!!! thanks
  3. Heated seats

  4. 288mm brakes

    cheers guys is there any specific order to bleed the brakes and will i have to bleed the rears aswell?
  5. gonna be fitting the 288mm setup to my 94 vr replacing the calipers carriers etc from the old 280mm setup. does anybody have any advice on fitting them ie bleeding them up once there on the car? also am i goin to have to replace the flexi hoses? cheers
  6. Coolant drain screw

    mong clips we call em! cuz whoevers idea its was obviously is one!! haha
  7. nah im with binliner not for the mk3 imo
  8. Brakes

    can i put a 288mm setup straight on my vr? i mean regarding the pipework or will i need new flexi's cheers
  9. turbos again!

    something spectacular my friend lol!! think maybe later on in the year if theres enough interest we could get some prices together!?
  10. turbos again!

    group buy - brilliant idea!!
  11. Water

    membrane as in the plastic sheet behind the doorcard?