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  1. My tyres go down, every two weeks i have to pump them up. I have had them checked for punches and havent got any nails or anything, even had one of the tyres off and i wire-brushed and cleaned the inside of the alloy myself it still goes down. So for xmas my parents have said they'd give me £100 toward getting them re-frubed, sand blasted, and looking like new. Should i do this or save and buy some 17's? I cant afford to lower my car so maybe it'd look silly with 17s and never lowered? Anyone got any ideas?
  2. ive checked wires, its not judered recently but still stalls at junctions, could a Lamba probe problem cause this?
  3. it also has a habbit of stalling at junctions alot too, like on every journey i make.
  4. buzzing noise

    yep its the water pump, mine does same and is very noisy!
  5. I have a 2.9 corrado with coil pack. I have a problem that sometimes when setting off from junctions or driving along and the car is under load, when i put my foot down, the engine dies, completely and suddenly, it has no power and the engine stops, car still rolls tho under gravity, and then suddenly, the engine will cut back in and run like normal, altho it gives me whiplash! Once i did pull over and the engine just reved up and down to near stalling point, then caught itself and came back then nearly cut out again, i pressed the throttle but that didnt help or change it doing what it was doing. Does anybody have any idea what it might be? Neil