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  1. New headlights for my vento

    does anyone have any pics for these fk angel eyes on a vento? or ebvn a mk3? http://www.europerformance.co.uk/pages/products/product_info.mhtml?id=131574
  2. Im looking to replace my headlights on my beloved ventpo. I really liket the square look of them and just want to change the internal look, not sure on what to go for or where to get it. Considering maybe smoked. DOes any one have any suggestions or pics? Any website suggestions would be good too.
  3. fitting air con

    My vento has no air con and never has. is it possible to fit it myself or do I need a new car if I want air con?
  4. mk5 mirrors on a vento

    can I put mk5 mirrors on my vento? will they have all the electrics, so I can move them and heat them? Does anyone do a mk5 style mirror for mk3s? Ta
  5. Flaring/rolling

    I'm new to all this modding stuff and I've just realised I'm not really sure of teh difference between flaring and rolling the arches can someone explain? CAn I do both? WHat do i need each one for?
  6. Corrado lights on a vento

    all it'spretty much a pipe dream anyway. I don't have any spare cash and I've only just freed myself of my credit cards. So I'll just have to keep going with my 1.8 vento and try not put anymore dents in it.
  7. Corrado lights on a vento

    I've never seen it. but from the outside they look the same. But it's all kinda academic. I'm still on the look out for a 97 vento vr6. Get teh feeling I'll die looking for one. But I've got plans for when I do.
  8. Corrado lights on a vento

    If I wanted to completely de-lock the car. Could I use corrado inner lights to replace the vento ones and get rid of the bootlock in the middle of the light?