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  1. latestarter2

  2. Why on earth not?........is it clogging the system up?
  3. Any Corrado's out there?

    me too me too!
  4. corrado heater

    its under the glove box..its a 10min job to change. couple of screws,twist the blower motor and it drops out for you. dead easy. There's a 'how to' on the corrado owners forum. take the passenger shelf off and its in there.
  5. VR6 is just brilliant...fast,cool and fantastic to drive...you can get well over 30 the gallon on the mototrway and just about 30 around town. Put your foot down and collect the contents of your stomach later!!! Fab car...BUY ONE!!!!
  6. water loss from my vr6!!

    got same prob with my VR6 corr....had the water checked for combustion gasses and its come up positive so sounds like my head gasket is going..so its a warranty visit for me!!!.
  7. Just ran VagCom

    does anyone live round the swindon area and would be willing to plug into mine for a pint :-) M reg VR6
  8. Edition 38 2006 Club display

    where is this happening???...or am i just being stupid!!..lol