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  1. Misfire

    just had a quick look and there is a small crack on the front edge of the coil pack and its not sitting flat against the body of the pack, if that makes sense. I'll take it off tongight to have a proper look, but other suggestions still welcome
  2. Misfire

    i've changed the plugs and leads and it was alot better but it was very lumpy on idle/misfire this morning while cold, i haven't used it since friday lunchtime. But its been raining nearly all weekend is there anything else that should be obvious to check apart from the coil pack for cracks etc would the air flow meter possibly cause this and how do you clean them? i've not noticed anything wrong with it, but i've fitted an induction kit so wanted to check its clean etc
  3. i just bought a set from gsf for mine as i think i had the same problem, 55+vat for the ht leads and about 15+vat for the removing tool for the ht leads
  4. Misfire

    cheers for the info, got the tool, leads and plugs to go in now, so hopefully that'll be the problem
  5. Misfire

    i've got a 96 vr6 obd2 and it has started to have a little misfire when accelerating hard. standard apart from a n induction kit. 114k its recently been serviced, apart from the plugs and leads, as the tool is broken and i've not got a new one yet. i'm sure i read on here symptoms about the coil pack dieing but i can't seem to find it, so sorry, but does this sound like the coil pack? And while i'm here, where can i get the spark plug remover? cheers mike
  6. i'd have to agree the golf is more for cruising, thats the reason i have one as my everyday car. yes it feels a bit heavy/soft but it's standard. my mini is my toy and with only a (supercharged) 1275cc running 141bhp at the fly its quicker than the golf for the obvious reason of power to weight, i'm yet to have a race with a chav but i'm soo looking forward to waving as i drive off into the distance
  7. Electric window motors

    my drivers side window motor decided it has had enough last night just as it started to rain. i have stripped the door card off and the mechanism looks brand new, the switch works as the motor clicks when the button is pressed, so i'm assuming they're right??? i've taken the motor off from the mechanism and the small white plastic cog doesn't move when the button is pressed, just a click like the motor tries but is not strong enough so are there any recommendations on where to buy a new motor or is there any other suggestion before i go buy a £130 motor (thats the price i've got so far) cheers mike
  8. Exhaust

    i did have a quick look but cheers for that looks like i'm going to try to find a miltek then, dont want it too loud as its my everyday car
  9. Exhaust

    I've got a standard vr6 at the moment and the exhaust is going to need to be changed soon. I'm considering a stainless steel exhaust for it, i think its the front box thats corroded, so looking at a full system. I used to have a reno 19 16v with a mongoose 3.5" and that was nice and wasn't loud. so has anyone got a mongoose on their vr6? is it loud, a bugger to fit, etc or has anyone got suggestions for what would be good