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  1. suzyGTI

  2. confused.com

    yeah i do lol. movin on wednesday tho so hopefully itll come right down
  3. how low can you go???

    dunno if this will help but my gti is down 60mm on 17's. now the springs have bedded in its more like 70mm dropped. i have the deep splitter on the front and i have no probs with it unless i drive quick towards a speedbump and then ram the breaks on!! had the same springs on with the standard 15" wheels too and didnt have too much of a problem but it did scrape now and then
  4. confused.com

    i used confused this year to get my best quote and ended up going with link. at the time i was driving a 306td. came to change my insurance to my gti a few months ago so i phoned them to transfer it, only to be told that i couldnt transfer as my link policy only allows me to drive upto a group 10 insurance car!! if i was 18 i wouldnt mind but im 27 with 4 years no claims! anyway.....they told me they would get the best quote they could for me which was over a grand fully comp. tesco had quoted me cheaper so i told them i would have to cancel and they charged me 30 quid !! wouldnt normally mind but it was them who couldnt insure me!!! if u get your policy through confused...make sure you actually read your policy guidelines
  5. my baby gti 8v lowered 60mm on 17"suberu wheels. k&n fitted and exhaust coming soon
  6. google earth - your car??

    i love google earth. think the images are from 2002. cant see my mums house on there tho even tho she lives in a town, but i can see my house. better site is 192.com but you have to pay for credits. this is more up to date and i get the privilige of using it for free with work lol
  7. meets in stoke area

    that would be good, coz then i could come meet ya all too lol
  8. cant upload photos sorry but will try again